In conversation about conservation

In November 2022, world-renowned conservationists Dr Sanjay Gubbi and Ben Goldsmith talked to some of our dearest supporters about why our quest to protect wildlife and habitats must remain relentless.

The inspiring talk featured work our partner Sanjay has been doing in India with the Nature Conservation Foundation and the Holematthi Nature Foundation. From working with leopards to seeing hilarious behaviour of elephants with camera traps and the serenity of a tiger on a once busy highway that is now part of a wildlife corridor, we were inspired and beguiled.  

Ben Goldsmith followed with an engaging talk on how the UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world and how every person has the ability to make huge change for the greater good. 

Describing times when bison and beavers proliferated and the oceans teamed with dolphins and seagrass meadows, he showed us what rewilding might inspire Britain to look like once again in the future.  

Together, both stories showed us that when we invest in protecting wildlife and nature, biodiversity flourishes.   

Thank you to the Oriental Club and Pink Elephant wines for supporting the evening. 

Keep an eye out for more talks in 2023!  

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