CoExistence goes live

Last week marked the magnificent first steps of our CoExistence herd at Sudeley Castle as they embarked on the greatest ever migration, spanning over 13,000 miles across the globe.

The momentous occasion garnered attention from national press including The TelegraphThe Times, The Guardian, The Independent and also generated regional coverage including BBC Radio Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire Live.

The herd were hand-crafted by The Real Elephant Collective – a group of artists and indigenous Adivasi tribals,  and have travelled all the way from the Nilgiri Hills of Southern India, chaperoned by the legendary IBI Logistics.

Marking the upcoming climate change conference COP26, the CoExistence campaign aims to trigger a moment of collective empathy for the world’s biggest and most intelligent land animal, that, like so many magical creatures, now find themselves living in human-dominated landscapes. 

As the herd make their way around the globe, they will tell the story of human encroachment on wild spaces and inspire the world to find ways to coexist with all the other living beings that make our world magical – from tigers and orangutans to tree sparrows and elephants.  

Projects made possible by the sale of the sculptures include the securement of wildlife corridors which enable safe movement for animals and people, and the protection of vital indigenoustribal knowledge and livelihoods.  

The Greatest Migration starts at Sudeley

From Sudeley they will make their way to London for the summer where they will halt traffic as they cross The Mall. The herd will then wander the Kings Road, after which they will enjoy a 2-month long residence in the sanctuary of The Royal Parks.   

Following London, the pachyderm parade will make their way to the USA where they will migrate, in matriarchal fashion, from the East to West Coast of America. This stage of their monumental, life-long journey will last 3 years and cover over 13,000 miles.  

Meet the herd

From 12th April to 31st May the CoExsitence herd will form a trail through the gardens at Sudeley Castle, promising a poignant and fresh air-filled day out for families and conservationists alike. Sudeley visitors and members will be among the first in the UK to see our awe-inspiring sculptures. Book tickets here.

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