Ruth and Ganesh Wedding List

Thank you for supporting the animals that brought us together. Nothing will make us happier than seeing these amazing creatures survive in the wild.

Your support of the people on the ground who stand between them and an otherwise grim fate is the greatest possible gift you could give.

Ruth & Ganesh

All donations in US dollars will go towards Elephant Family USA and are tax deductible.

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Elephant Family

Elephant Family is a dynamic NGO on a mission to protect a forgotten species from extinction – the Asian elephant. As Asia’s jungles are chopped down, all animals living within them are being wiped out. Every day in India alone, an elephant kills a human and a human kills an elephant in a battle for food and space. Your donation will help us reconnect a network of forest fragments, re-establish elephant migratory routes and help farmers protect their crops and homes. Our projects have already reduced conflict by as much as 90% in the areas we have so far reached.

Lion Guardians

At Lion Guardians we believe that the fate of the lion lies in the hands of the people who live with them. By empowering warriors who once killed lions and working closely with communities, Lion Guardians proactively minimises conflict and enables coexistence. Founded in 2007, our unique approach has reduced lion killings by more than 90%; we have also documented a tripling of the lion population at our core site in southern Kenya and improved connectivity between the Ngorongoro and Serengeti lion populations in Tanzania. Your funds will allow us to assist, train and support organisations that are grappling with human-wildlife conflict issues and support communities to live alongside them.