At Elephant Family, we believe our world is worth sharing. And in Asia, that means protecting endangered elephants and preserving their natural habitat. 

Since our launch in 2002, we’ve been busy. We’ve invested over £6 million to save the Asian elephant, working to secure elephant and wildlife habitat, supporting local communities to reduce incidents of human-elephant conflict, highlighting the plight of the Asian elephant with UK-wide education programmes, publicity and lobbying governments and corporations to take action.

Asian elephants are amongst the world’s most magnificent and threatened species. But sadly the future for this iconic animal is under threat. Last year the human population reached seven billion. Accompanying this growth is the spread of human settlements, farming, mining and railways, all of which are carving up the forest homes of the Asian elephant, marooning wildlife in pockets of forest too small to support them. Deprived of their habitat, starving and stressed herds raid crops and trample villages – causing deaths on both sides.

The long-term survival of the Asian elephant depends on diffusing such conflict and securing their corridors; migratory routes that link one forest fragment to another. It’s an almighty challenge – but one we’re determined to meet.