Elephant Skin


Elephants killed for their skin

Endangered Asian elephants are being slaughtered for their skin. The discovery of 421 kgs of elephant skin, seized in Southwest China and multiple sightings of elephant skin in Myanmar, confirms this devastating trade.

It's hard to look at this photo without wincing. Elephants are killed, stripped of their skin which is then cut into pieces. The skin is sold on the black market as a medicinal cure or turned into beads for jewellery. Asian elephants are up against it; they are endangered; battling massive loss of habitat, ripped from the wild for the tourist trade and now their very skin is in demand.

We have a plan and with you behind us we can make it happen. We need to raise £19,000 to:

STEP 1: Create Awareness
Release undercover video evidence at CITES.

STEP 2: Gather Evidence
Fund undercover investigations to establish the full extent of this abhorrent trade and how to stop it.

STEP 3: Protect Elephants
Fund anti-poaching patrol teams in Myanmar for 3 years.

Wanted Dead or Alive from Elephant Family on Vimeo.

Read further information on this abhorrent trade here

What you can do

There are a number of ways you can help:

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