Managing Human-Elephant Relationships


Managing Human-Elephant Relationships

Why is this project so important?

Hassan and Madikeri forest divisions in Karnataka state have experienced some of the most intense human elephant conflicts (HEC) in India. Between 1986 and 2011 in the Hassan district, there were 46 human and 17 elephant fatalities and around 250 injuries to humans due to elephants (Appayya and Desai 2007, KFTF 2012).
Project Partner: Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF)    

Duration:  Elephant Family has supported the work of Dr. Ananda Kumar since 2010, initiating this particular project in 2015.

Elephant population of Karnataka State: 5,300 - 6,200

Project goals

  • Identify critical elephant migrations and habitats
  • Investigate where human-elephant conflict is happening and why
  • Understand local attitudes towards elephants
  • Improve ways of dealing with and preventing conflict and resulting injury

What we do

We fund the pioneering work of Dr. Ananda Kumar, who won a Whitley Award, dubbed the Green Oscar in 2015 for the innovative Elephant Family funded Elephant Information System in India.
This system uses text messaging and signal lights to warn people of nearby elephant movements.