Solutions beyond Elephant Captures

As you read this an elephant capture could be taking place somewhere in Asia. 

Last week a 40-year old elephant bull was captured from the wild in Kerala, Southern India, and taken to an elephant camp. It was deemed ‘rogue’ and suspected of being involved in a number of human deaths in recent years. The villagers were angry and scared. The elephant was starving and stressed. 

This story has sadly become commonplace in India. As the human population has expanded, elephant habitat has shrunk. Increasingly Asia’s largest land mammal is being forced to live directly alongside humans. 

How you can Help

Elephant Family is leading the implementation of early warning systems, designed by Dr. M. Ananda Kumar, to inform villagers when elephants are nearby and help them take precautions. The system has already been going strong in the tea hills of Valparai, Tamil Nadu, and has already brought down the human-elephant conflict death toll to zero. It uses SMS, phone calls, red light signals, TV & bus announcements to communicate elephants' locations. With your help we can replicate this system across other parts of India.

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Rolling out Early Warning Systems

Our next location is Hassan in the state of Karnataka. This notoriously known district has become a human-elephant conflict hotspot with 22 wild elephants captured in 2014 alone, after countless human-elephant conflict incidents and deaths took place. The early warning systems will help us stop further elephant captures and save both human and elephant lives. Read more about our project here