Population Habitat Viability Analysis

Why is this project so important?

With only around 100  wild elephants left the country urgent action is needed to help the population recover from such a critically low level. Despite the small population, human-elephant conflict is an on-going problem. Poaching, deforestation and habitat degradation are adding further pressure to the remaining population, making the future of elephants in Vietnam highly uncertain.

Project Partner: Wild Welfare

Elephant population in Vietnam: c.100

Duration: 2018 

Project goal

To determine measurable targets and actions required for the recovery of Vietnam's elephants

What we do

If Vietnam's elephant population is to be saved, it's crucial to know how many remain and the main threats driving their decline. To do this, we're supporting a Population Habitat Viability Analysis workshop led by the government-supported Elephant Conservation Centre, that will bring together key experts, stakeholders, and organisations for elephant conservation. 

The workshop will look at both the wild and captive populations; almost 40 elephants are used in tourism, but do not currently feature in a national conservation plan. The workshop will examine the causes of decline, and assess the quality and connectedness of remaining habitat. Participants will develop strategies to reverse the decline and ensure population recovery, and develop a plan for community engagement which takes human-elephant hotspots into account. The urgent intervention will enable concrete steps to be taken to ensure the long-term survival and stability of Vietnam's elephant population.