Cadogan Tate

Cadogan Tate has supported Elephant Family events with logistical support and expertise since Elephant Parade 2010 and true to their promise everything has always been handled with care.

They have coordinated the world’s biggest egg hunt, moved over 300 elephant sculptures (including life-size ones), and travelled across India in rickshaws to support our work.

Headquartered in London, with operations in Paris, Côte d’Azur, New York and Los Angeles, Cadogan Tate handles extremely valuable, complex or market/media sensitive relocation and storage assignments for high net worth, large corporate or government clients. Its Fine Art Service works with museums, galleries, dealers and auctioneers across the western hemisphere, moving, storing, managing and insuring up to £2 billion of art, antiques and antiquities every year, while its Interior Designer Service manages the storage, delivery and installation of art and fine furniture for many of the world’s top interior designers.

“For almost a decade Cadogan Tate have been the most incredible patriarchs to Elephant Family, steadfastly enabling so many of our plans and adventures.
They are a truly inspiring company – excelling in all they do. As people they are as loyal, strong, intelligent and protective as a magnificent herd of elephants.
Their support has enabled us to raise millions through campaigns such as Elephant Parade London, The Faberge Big Egg Hunt NYC and more recently Travels to my Elephant in India –these large scale and highly logistical events would not have been possible without their skilled support and have raised over £6m for Asia’s endangered elephants. Long may we continue to stand shoulder to shoulder and work together for many adventures to come.”
— Ruth Ganesh, CEO of Elephant Family
Elephant Parade 2010
Big Egg Hunt NYC 2014