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The Greatest Migration

A magnificent herd of 100 life-size elephants are currently taking their first steps on an awe-inspiring global migration. They are here to tell the story of India’s wild elephants where people and elephants coexist in denser populations than anywhere else in the world. With every giant footstep taken, the herd will raise mass awareness and funds to enable harmony coexistence with our last remaining magical wild animals.

Making space for India’s wildlife

Our Conservation partner, Dr Sanjay Gubbi has expanded protected area cover in the Southern state of Karnataka by an additional 2,385 km of land with support from the government. This is the largest expansion of protected areas in India since the 1970s. There are now 9,000 km of contiguous protected forest in this state and a total of 23 glorious wildlife reserves, which makes it the biggest connected tiger habitat in the country.

The Animal Ball

The Animal Ball is the fashion world’s celebration of the natural world. It raises millions for vital habitat conservation projects across Asia. Hosted by Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, this prestigious event brings together the world's leading fashion houses to collaborate and dress a bestiary of beautiful creatures in bespoke couture headgear.

7 more elephant corridors

The very first elephant corridor we secured in Wayanad, Kerala, has been studied with data proving how much conflict it managed to reduce. This led to the regional government committing funds to securing the remaining 7 corridors in the State. What a conservation win!

Travels to my Elephant

The ultimate race for conservation returns in 2022! It will see teams of supporters drive hundreds of miles in convey across India in multi-coloured tuk-tuks. Business tycoons, socialites, distinguished environmentalists, old India hands and green cheerleaders visit leading conservationists along the way and raise astonishing sums to support them.

44,000 farmers

Safe from hungry elephants in Myanmar

745,000 Acres

of protected areas created

Map of asia

>13,195 Elephants

have benefitted from our work

44,000 Myanmar farmers safe from hungry elephants

Our work in Myanmar has so far secured 270,000 hectares of community forest as part of a land planning project to help communities coexist with wild elephants. Crops and livelihoods for the 44,000 subsistence farmers in this region are now safe and 241 villages have received human-elephant conflict training.

Support Asia's wildlife

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April 29, 2021

Elephant Family project partner features in latest David Attenborough film

We are thrilled to share that our human-wildlife coexistence work has featured in David Attenborough's latest film 'The Year Earth Changed'.

April 27, 2021

Pack your trunk and get ready for summer!

The UK’s lockdown roadmap is nearing its destination, London is opening up and everyone is looking ahead to a summer of escapism. Be it local or overseas, adventure awaits and a key accessory for every conscious traveler is of course luggage.

April 22, 2021

Earth Day 2021

Today is Earth Day and we're talking about what the day is about, how it links to our work how you can get involved.

You can cut a tree down, and it grows back. Once a species goes, it's gone forever.

Mark Shand, Co-Founder Elephant Family

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