To conserve Asia’s wildlife and enable successful coexistence between all living things

Our Mission

Elephant Family works to protect Asia’s magnificent wildlife in the most joyful and engaging way possible.

The biggest challenge facing the world’s wildlife is lack of space. Asia is uniquely placed to demonstrate how the overlap between the human and wild world is possible. Here, species such as tigers, leopards and elephants share lands with people living in the highest density populations in the world – up to 450 people per km2 compared to just 90 in conservation hubs such as Kenya.

Since our inception in 2003, Elephant Family has registered a presence in the UK, USA and India, and powered 150+ projects across India, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sumatra and Borneo. These projects have reconnected forest fragments, restored migratory routes, stamped out illegal trades and found ways for humans and wild animals to successfully live closer together than ever before.

Our approach

Decolonising conservation

Elephant Family works in partnership with home grown, in-country conservation experts on the ground to tackle the challenges facing Asia’s wildlife and the indigenous communities that live alongside them. We support the rights and essential knowledge of forest dwelling peoples and take a 21st century approach to wildlife preservation; we recognise that the habitats of the majority of animals are outside of national parks and focus our energies on both the sharing as well as the sparing of space.

Total funds raised to date exceed £20 million, the majority of which were achieved via high profile, full colour public art events. These events are free to the public and feature the work of both established and lesser known artists. Through our inclusive and creative approach to conservation, Elephant Family has brought digital Faberge egg hunts in NYC, high fashion Animal Balls in London, rickshaw odysseys through rural India and hundreds of painted elephant sculptures taking over the streets of Mumbai. Our next campaign will set in motion the migration of 100 life size lantana elephants, created by India’s Adivasi communities, from India to London and onwards across the USA.

Patrons & Ambassadors

Elephant Family is deeply honoured to have The former Duchess of Cornwall and The former Prince of Wales as Join Royal Presidents.

Their support and presence over the years has been crucial to Elephant Family’s success and has been immensely helpful in raising the profile of our work. Their backing encourages our community of conservationists, humanitarians and wildlife lovers around the world and we are sincerely grateful for their active involvement.