The Little Egg Hunt – Artemis

By Allegra Hicks

Allegra is an artist and designer who lives and works between London and Naples. Known for her eye for patterns, Allegra attributes her inspiration to the world around her, building from the colours and forms found in nature. Beginning her career in fresco painting, today Allegra continues to respect the fluidity of watercolour across a wide range of media, from tapestries to rugs to cast bronze and metal work. Over the past decades, Allegra’s work has flourished into one off design pieces which investigate the diaphanous bridge between art and design.

Inspiration for the egg

I wanted to create something that represented protection for the egg, the egg symbolising nature that is being mistreated by us, hence a net to cover and protect the egg.

“I think wildlife conservation has become essential for our future, and I have always loved Elephants!”

Allegra Hicks

Be the first to own these eggs

Throughout Easter next year, 200 of these exquisite creations will take London by storm and be sold at auction in aid of Elephant Family.