Eggs of an Era: About the egg designs

Simon Emery
Egg title: ‘70 

The 1970’s – a time of the Silver Jubilee. Union Jack flags were everywhere, not just flying from every flagpole, but adorning the clothing of Punks and Mods and decorating just about anything you could print the flag on. This egg was created using expertly applied coats of lacquer in Abalone Flake, Kandy Apple Red and Kandy Blue. The punk rock slogan was done by the super talented Neil Melliard using platinum leaf and signwriter’s enamel. 



Rebecca Campbell
Egg title:’ Flower Power’  

A salute to the swinging 1960’s celebrating love and peace. Taking inspiration from another British Queen, Mary Quant, the fashion and style icon of the time. This egg was created using acrylic paint and lacquer. 



Sasha Compton
Egg title: ‘The Queen and Her Kings  

The 2020’s so far have been a decade for family and intimacy. This egg celebrates the Queen and her future Kings depicted ornately in royal blue. The design was inspired by Fabergé eggs and is a joyful reference to our future heirs to come. This egg was created using layers of acrylic paint and lacquer. 



Tatiana Alida
Egg title: ‘The Turquoise Egg 

The turquoise egg represents the 2010s and takes its inspiration from the magical way the Queen Elizabeth II has touched so many peoples hearts and inspired them. Her spirit and resolve, like the sea that surrounds the islands of Great Britain, are a constant presence. The blue of the ocean is something we all have memories of and, like Her Majesty, we all look to for inspiration and hope. This egg was created using layers of acrylic paint and lacquer. 



Emily Powell
Egg title: ‘Queen of Happiness’  

This egg, representing the 1950s, was inspired by the Queen as a strong, courageous female role model. It was created using acrylic paint and lacquer. 



Ozlem Thompson
Egg title: ‘Garden of Joy 

Inspired by a striking glittery dress the Queen wore for the Royal Variety Performance in 1999, this design combines those joyful colours with the emblem of the Tudor Rose. These two worlds of colour link together to explore the personal colour choice of Her Majesty with the beauty of The Royal Parks and the joy they both bring to the people of London. This egg was created using acrylic paint and lacquer. 



Patricia Mitchell
Egg title: ‘Cocktail Hour 

Representing the 1980s, the butterflies represent some of the best British pop music to emerge in that decade. See if you can find the hit songs of various British pop bands that were in the charts during the 1980s. Look out for the Hope Butterfly – a symbol to take with us as we move through future decades. This egg is decorated with aluminium butterflies, each hand-sprayed with the pastel colours of the 1980s.