Emergency Appeal: Help end the heartbreaking loss of India’s elephants

elephants are under threat across Asia
Brought down by a wire trap set by poachers for wild boar Image courtesy: WSO

Help end the heartbreaking loss of India's elephants

Home to the largest remaining population of wild Asian elephants, and an expanding human population of 1.3 billion, India's elephants are struggling to survive in a landscape reshaped by people.

Forests once full of food are being felled to make way for human settlements and infrastructure. Farms, roads, railways, canals, open wells, mines and a network of power lines are creating a perilous landscape for hungry elephants as they leave the forests in search of food.

The death toll in one Indian state, Odisha, in a four week period provides a heartbreaking snapshot of the dangers that these migrating herds face:

27 October seven elephants - including a pregnant female and a calf - electrocuted by a low hanging 11kV power line
3 and 6 November two tuskers fall into open wells and are rescued
10 November a tusker is killed by a wire trap set for wild boar and its tusks removed
15 November a tusker is killed by a wire trap set for wild boar (pictured above)
20 November an injured young tusker is helped by wildlife vets but succumbs to his injuries
22 November a female elephant is killed by a goods train

All of these deaths were preventable and your help can ensure a safer future for these embattled elephants. 

We need to raise £55,000 by the end of December to ensure that our vital work can continue.

By donating to Elephant Family you will be helping to:

Provide habitat connectivity by securing traditional elephant corridors.
Input expert advice into the creation of wildlife-friendly developments across all Asian elephant range states.
Create richer elephant landscapes by removing invasive plant species and growing elephant-friendly fodder.
Support teams in the field who monitor sagging power lines and ensure they are corrected.
Fund workshops that help people to understand elephants and the importance of preserving their forests.
Support work to elephant-proof open wells.
Provide early-warning systems to protect elephants and people alike.


Asian elephants are under threat
Elephants, like 8 month old Raja, are being orphaned by the deaths of their mothers and lost to vital wild populations Image: Elephant Family

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