CoExistence: What’s next?

Now that the herd have migrated to their forever homes, find out how you can continue to play a role in the CoExistence story.

Whilst the exhibition may have come to an end, your role in the CoExistence story has not! There are many ways that you can continue to support CoExistence and raise funds for vital conservation work that helps people and wildlife live peacefully alongside each other.


Buy a Sculpture

We are nearly completely sold out of our majestic elephants! Head to our website to buy one of the few remaining herd members, or make an enquiry about commissions.

Make a Donation

Our campaign fundraising total is ever-growing and long may that continue! Any amount you are able to give will do wonders in supporting projects which are bringing about peaceful coexistence between people and wildlife.



On 14th July, our headline sponsor Xerjoff launched their brand new perfume created exclusively for CoExistence. ‘CoExistence by Xerjoff’ can be purchased here.


Buy a Bird

You can also support UK CoExistence projects by purchasing a limited edition bird sculpture from the CoExistence website.

Drink tea, save lives

You might not think of drinking tea as a life-saving act, but House of Waris Botanicals have produced the UK’s first elephant-friendly tea to help support human-elephant coexistence in India’s tea plantations.


Gift CoExistence

Give someone the gift of CoExistence. Choose from our CoExistence x George Butler collaboration, which includes beautifully illustrated homeware, as well as iconic limited edition art prints.

Dine with elephants

Until the end of August our sponsors at Petersham Nurseries are hosting delightful Elephant Afternoon Teas in support of CoExistence. You can even meet a few of the herd!


Be groomed for greatness

Head down to Truefitt & Hill’s flagship barbershop for an indulgent grooming session and support CoExistence by purchasing products from their luxurious Apsley range.

Stay in the know

Sign up to our CoExistence newsletter to receive updates and news on upcoming plans for the next chapter of the CoExistence story.

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