The artists behind the Eggs of an Era

From 16 May, you’ll be able to join a trail to find the seven eggs which will be on display across the Cadogan Estate in Chelsea.  

The Elephant Family and Clarence Court eggs have joined forces with well known artists to produce seven giant eggs, which will be displayed in London’s Chelsea before being auctioned to support conservation work in South Asia.  

The eggs feature one-off, unique designs and use different mediums, representing the style of our talented artists. 

Emily Powell 
Emily is a contemporary colourist painter whose work bursts with joie de vivre. Colour and creativity fill her paintings which span diverse themes including animals and flowers. Emily has exhibited with the Royal Society of Art, collaborated with MoMA and the British Museum and was part of the 2020 BBC Documentary for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition show. Emily’s work was featured in Harper’s Bazaar magazine in December 2020. 

Emily’s egg design will represent the 1950s.  

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Rebecca Campbell 

International selling British artist Rebecca Campbell lives and works in London. She trained as an illustrator and this has led to her unique, narrative style of work. Her paintings have been described as “delightful, enigmatic and highly imaginative. They have an impeccable sense of colour and design, coupled with a touch of humour. Rebecca’s world is one of variety, eccentricity and joy.” Her influences are eclectic: a love of nature came from growing up in the Irish countryside with a menagerie of animals and birds, as well as being surrounded by the most beautiful gardens. She has travelled extensively; the biggest impact came from her three months spent in India, seeing first hand the Mughal miniature paintings with their rich earth colours, bold design and exquisite attention to detail. These influences remain the bedrock of much of her work today.

She has been showing her paintings with Jonathan Cooper, London, since 2002 as well as in the States, Mexico and Canada. She has also worked as an illustrator and designer, the latest collaborations have been with Good Earth India and Globe Trotter.

Campbell is an Ambassador for Elephant Family and has taken part in their amazingly creative campaigns since 2010.

Rebecca’s egg design will represent the 1960s.  




Sasha Compton 

Sasha Compton is a British Artist and Designer based in London, who explores the natural world around her using authentic production methods. By creating modern reinterpretations of classical concepts, Sasha transports viewers into a timeless world of Art. With a colourful lens on life, her perfectly imperfect artworks and hand-painted ceramics are sure to add a splash of joy to any home.

Sasha’s childhood was split between North Yorkshire (where she is originally from) and the Isle of Mull, Scotland. She studied at Central St. Martins (2012, Illustration) and then at Chelsea College of Art (BA Graphics in 2015). Sasha lived in Amsterdam for 4 years and recently moved back to London where she now creates in her art studio in Lambeth.

Sasha’s mixed-media artwork is colourful and focuses on positive imperfections, negative space and texture. Sasha looks to the past, the natural world, and uses her memories for inspiration. With expressive and experimental techniques, Sasha works with the colour theory to create joyful and emotional artworks with the aim of bringing happiness into people’s homes.

“In today’s world there is so much pressure to be perfect. My work is all about embracing the differences. I use unpredictable creative methods, such as lino printing or watercolour work. These materials seem to have a life of their own which I love. I embrace those imperfections that give an artwork it’s own character, as if each piece has its own personality.”

Sasha’s egg will represent the 2020s. 




Simon Emery 

Simon Emery founded The Paintbox in 1988, applying creative custom paint to a variety of projects both automotive and esoteric.  Simon’s love of custom cars and hot rod culture have seen him development a style uniquely informed by the art cars of the 60s, psychedelia and the innumerable bands whose music always accompanies his creative output.   

Simon’s egg will represent the 1970s.  

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Patricia Mitchell 

Patricia Mitchell is a celebrated mixed media artist. Her extensive portfolio includes bespoke sculptures designed with paper or aluminium mesh. Drawing inspiration she gained through her extensive travels and conservation work in Africa, Patricia’s love of nature resonates through her timeless paper and elephant sculptures.

Behind the intricacy of Patricia’s paper and mesh sculptures lies an empowering narrative. Giving nature a voice through art is a core value of Patricia’s work. Every bespoke piece is immersed in nature and reflects the power and fragility of our planet. Patricia is proud of her partnership with The Elephant Family, and she is deeply passionate about the organisation’s conservation efforts in Asia.

 Patricia’s egg will represent the 1980s. 




Özlem Thompson  

‘Özlem was born in Istanbul, and although interested in art from a very early age, she obtained an undergraduate degree in biology and completed her master’s degree in botany with a thesis on the subject of ‘Exotic Plants and Their Usage in Industrial Design’. 

Influenced by some of the great artists such as Mondrian, Miro and Kandinsky, she began creating large scale acrylic pieces, using vibrant colours.  Her background in biology and organic structures became a strong influence on her work, and key to her process is the abstraction of forms of nature to effectively describe the concepts that flow from her subconscious.  Her art creates the impression of dream-like world, a vivid explosion of nature meeting fantasy. Above all colours satisfy her more than anything and she hopes to share this feeling with the viewer.  Her work has been well received and her recognition is growing world-wide. 

Ozlem’s egg will represent the 1990s. 

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Tatiana Alida

Artist and illustrator Tatiana has always been creative. She credits her distinctive style in part to her dyslexia, and spent her school years covering her worksheets with doodles of stars; a motif that still features prominently in her work. The challenge of learning how to write also played a pivotal role in developing her artistic talents. ‘It was like finding my identity,’ she says. ‘I started writing in capital letters and that evolved.’ Today, Tatiana’s characteristic handwriting features on everything from stationery to her bestselling prints.

After studying Art and Design at university, Tatiana founded her eponymous business in 2018 and has since gone from strength to strength, collaborating with the likes of Matilda Goad, Victoria Beckham and Tart London. Based in West London, Tatiana is constantly inspired by galleries, her scrapbooks and her own French and English heritage. The result is a collection of expertly crafted, authentic designs brimming with personality.

Tatiana’s egg will represent the 2010s. 

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