Conservation Partner Profile: Abishek M.

This week we are hearing from Abishek M. a member of the Nature Conservation Foundation team we support in India to help communities avoid unexpected and at times dangerous interactions with elephants. Abishek works at the Holematthi Nature Information Centre in Karnataka to educate people

Abishek and Elephant Family

Through my work at the Holematthi Nature Information Centre which is run by the Nature Conservation Foundation, I strive to share my knowledge on the local flora and fauna with as many people as possible, because I believe it’s our responsibility to ensure the conservation of our natural world for our future generations.

To date, we’ve engaged with more than 7000 students, and around 9000 people have visited Holematthi Nature Information Centre and learnt about the local wildlife, importance of wildlife conservation, and the beautiful landscape of Malai Mahadeshwara and Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary.

Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

About Abishek

I have been working as a resource person at the Holematthi Nature Information Centre for the past 3 years. I’ve always been fascinated with wildlife, and used to volunteer with Vanajagruthi, a wildlife conservation NGO that engages with people through outreach activities. With time, my fascination grew into a passion and I joined NCF in 2018.

“Abhishek is a hard-working, motivated and enthusiastic person – qualities that make him the ideal choice to lead the programmes at Holematthi Nature Information Center. Always curious and with a thirst to learn more, Abhishek is a delight to observe while engaging with student.”

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