Conservation Partner Profile: Dulu Bora


Binod ‘Dulu’ Bora was born in Chapanalla, a village close to the Karbi foothills of the Nagaon district in Assam, North-Eastern India.

From a young age, Dulu has been passionate about wildlife and embarked on an enormously successful career in wildlife conservation having been heavily influenced by his own interactions with animals. 

Having spent his time (and money) freeing animals being sold at the local market, Dulu later joined the Green Guard Nature Organisation (GGNO), a grassroots organisation in Nagaon established in 1994, as an agency for wildlife conservation. This is how he was first introduced to Elephant Family!

Dulu and Elephant Family

Elephant Family partnered with the Green Guard Nature Organisation, supporting their work to reduce human-elephant conflict in the Karbi Foothills. As a key member of the GGNO team, Dulu works with Elephant Family to improve elephant habitat and food availability and to raise awareness of wildlife and habitat protection among local communities. 

“Around 200 to 300 elephants inhabit this HEC zone permanently, and these numbers multiply during the winter due to migration from Kaziranga National Park. Some of these elephants regularly intrude into human settlements in these areas in search of food or while passing through, making it one of the major HEC-affected zones in Assam.” 

Dulu has played a central role in resolving the human-elephant conflict (HEC) in the Assam region and continually champions the message that encroachment of forest areas has diminished the wildlife habitat and hinders the ability of wild animals to move around the terrain. 

We are incredibly fortunate to have such a driven conservation partner like Dulu, and one who shares our passion for achieving human-wildlife coexistence.

When asked about his work to encourage local communities to work with rather than against wildlife, Dulu says “We have lived in harmony with the elephants for years. I am just trying to remind them.” 


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