Lockdown update from Kerala, India: wildlife corridor sightings

Elephant Family has been working with the Wildlife Trust of India to secure a 2,200 acre wildlife corridor in the northerly region of Kerala. Jointly secured with Elephant Family, World Land Trust and IUCN NL, the Wayanad wildlife corridor was established to provide a warning for would-be developers near the routes.

By supporting the voluntary relocation of remote communities from dangerous wildlife-migratory areas to safer farmlands, these corridors become secure spaces for elephant herds and other members of their ecosystem to roam within.

Elephant Family was pleased to have received a recent update from our conservation project partners at the Wildlife Trust of India, giving everyone a much-needed dose of positivity.

Below are some photographs captured of a tusker and a small group of elephants passing through the wildlife corridor.

Not only have there been sightings of elephants within the corridor, but excitingly some camera trap footage has been captured of a magnificent tiger.

The tiger was captured on WTI’s camera trap, moving through the secured corridor; a sighting that prior to the relocation of a nearby village would have been highly unusual.  The village was located on the fringe of the forest and generally tigers will not come to such forest fringes or disturbed areas except to lift cattle as prey. Fortunately, there was no such issue of cattle lifting as had previously been reported.

This sighting is particularly exciting as when WTI staff were monitoring the corridor during an earlier time period, they had only recorded tiger pugmarks in one village in a different part of the region. The fact they are now using other parts of the corridor is most probably due to the relocation and the added area available for the wildlife to pass through.

Find out more about our work with the Wildlife Trust of India here.


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