The Animal Ball, one of the UK’s most acclaimed charity fundraising events, returns to London this summer

Presented by Elephant Family and Tintra Foundation, the famous masked Animal Ball returns to London this year and aims to raise vital funds for conservation programmes in South Asia.

After a three year gap, and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Elephant Family, the event will take place at Lancaster House on 28 June 2023, welcoming global stars from the fashion, arts, film and music worlds.

With all guests to be dressed in sustainable animal masks created by the world’s leading fashion houses, the Animal Ball is set to raise in excess of £1m for conservation projects, while highlighting the valuable role the Tintra Foundation plays in empowering people and communities across the world.

The event will celebrate Elephant Family’s 20th anniversary since its foundation by the late Mark Shand and will showcase the incredible success of the charity in supporting more than 150 conservation projects across Asia. A highlight of the evening will be the presentation of The Mark Shand Award.

The Animal Ball co-chair Ruth Ganesh said: “As human populations expand and natural habitats shrink, people and animals are increasingly coming into conflict over living space and food. As such, we are in a race against time to ensure some of the most majestic creatures on our planet and their habitats do not disappear forever. Therefore, raising vital funds for conservation work on the ground through events like the Animal Ball is just one example of positive action to change this and we look forward to what will be a spectacular event this summer.”

The Tintra Foundation supports the Tintra Group in aligning global communities across the world to prove its belief that there is much more that joins us than separates us. This in turn drives its goals of financial and social inclusion.

Richard Shearer, Board Member of the Tintra Foundation said: “We are honoured to be partnering with Elephant Family on the Animal Ball, but even more so to be working together to empower the communities that Elephant Family is supporting to protect Asian wildlife and its habitat. It is clear our charitable values unite through the protection of an endangered species and in helping wider members of society to understand and learn from the true value they offer to our world.”

Established in 2003, Elephant Family has raised more than £20 million to support magnificent wildlife and their precious habitats across Asia. Since its inception in 2013, the Animal Ball has raised millions for wildlife conservation and attracted fashion’s greatest minds including Prada, Chloe, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Missoni and Sabyasachi.

Animal Ball 2023 presented by Elephant Family and Tintra Foundation

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