Ensuring safe passage in Assam

The bisection of wild spaces by roads and railways and the blocking of elephant corridors by development means that many traditional routes are impassable for Asia’s elephants. Securing these corridors is vital for the survival of the species.⠀

This recent sighting of a herd crossing the Deosur Corridor was recorded by the Green Corridor Champions team that we support with the Wildlife Trust of India.

The team, along with the local Forest Department and Police Officials, managed the traffic to provide a safe passage for the herd to move across to the Karbi Anglong Hills.⠀

The Deosur Elephant Corridor is one of the five vital wildlife corridors in the Kaziranga-Karbi Anglong Landscape in Assam, NE India, through which local herds regularly migrate. ⠀
Watch the largest female at the back as she double checks her family are safely across…⠀

Video Credit: Jehirul Ahmed/DBCS

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