Deutsche Bank Staff Vote: A Victory for Wildlife

Deutsche Bank made history in 2013 by voting Elephant Family as their first animal conservation charity.

The partnership will run throughout the year and is a valuable boost to project plans for next year. Since 1999, Deutsche Bank has raised over £9 million for sixteen charities through staff fundraising and match giving.

Ruth Powys, Chief Executive, comments:

“Asia’s animals have never needed more help than they do right now so to start 2013 with the support of Deutsche Bank is the biggest encouragement. Deutsche Bank’s support means we can start securing one of the most important tracks of habitat for endangered elephants in earnest. The backing of such a large and respected bank has put our motivation levels on the ceiling and given us all a huge vote of confidence. Thank you to all the staff who voted Elephant Family – bring on 2013!”

Over the year Elephant Family has been working with Deutsche Bank to raise up to £1 million for our field work. The partnership will enable Elephant Family to secure a crucial habitat corridor in Assam, India – providing a vital lifeline to 4,000 endangered elephants and all the wildlife that shares their habitat.

The work of Elephant Family helps many species of wildlife connected with the Asian elephant; these animals include orangutans, tigers and countless exotic birds. As Asia develops, people in rural areas are increasingly in conflict with wildlife for the same living space and food. A serious lack of investment is going into this conservation and humanitarian issue. Elephant Family funds projects across Asia to stop this conflict from happening. We reconnect fragments of forest, help farmers protect their crops, prevent illegal deforestation, bring businesses and conservationists together to coordinate development and campaign on the international stage for this protection.

The projects we fund are working and have already reduced conflict by as much as 90% in the areas we have so far reached. Thank you to everyone at Deutsche Bank who have propelled us to do more.


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