Elephant Family partner with
Voices for Wildlife

January 2018

Elephant Family has become the newest partner of Voices for Wildlife – the coalition campaign launched in response to the Myanmar elephant poaching and skinning crisis. Aimed at ending the open sales of all endangered wildlife products in Myanmar the campaign has already achieved considerable success with the banning of wildlife sales announced across Yangon region in October 2018.

“We are delighted to be part of this movement that aims to encourage individuals and organisations across all sectors to use their voice and speak out for Myanmar’s wildlife including Asian elephants,” says Elephant Family’s Acting Director of Conservation, Belinda Stewart-Cox, OBE. “With our vested interest in protecting Asian elephants and our ground-breaking investigative report into the illegal supply chain routes for Asian elephant skin originating in Myanmar, being part of Voices for Wildlife means that we can continue to help drive awareness, increase education and call for the end of the illegal wildlife trade in Myanmar.”

The campaign is now focused on ending wildlife sales in Mandalay, Myanmar’s second largest city. For more information about the campaign visit the website here

You can read more about our ground-breaking report on the illegal skin trade here

Elephants caught on camera in the forests of Myanmar
Elephants caught on camera in the forests of Myanmar
Partner organisations working together as Voices for Wildlife

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