Our work

We build landscapes that support coexistence.

Our pioneering projects balance the needs of people and wildlife.

South Asia is one of the most densely populated regions on earth where millions of people live alongside some of the world’s most endangered animals.


We protect Asia’s elephants and the people who live alongside them in the most densely populated places on earth.


By influencing the influencers we have had a number of key campaign successes.


Doing a PR job for Asia’s wildlife.

Northeast India

Here an ambitious programme to reconnect fragmented forests in and around the state of Assam is underway. Home to both elephants and rhino populations this programme will balance vital ecosystems in this landscape and will ensure wildlife can continue to thrive whilst transforming human-wildlife conflict into coexistence.


Balancing the needs of farming communities with the seasonal migration of elephants is being achieved through the installation of seasonal electric fences and through a widespread outreach programmes tailored to inspire and educate all ages of these rural communities. This programme is supported by the UK Government’s Darwin Initiative.

The Western Ghats

Home to 22% of the India’s elephants, 18% of its tigers and 14% of the country’s leopards, the Western Ghats is a haven for wildlife. Our work aims to keep it that way. Rapid forest depletion, poaching and dramatic wildlife declines have created an urgent need to protect habitat and the wildlife within. By working at a government and community level, this programme will stabilise wildlife populations, reduce conflict and improve livelihoods for indigenous communities as part of a long term plan for the region.

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