Palm Oil

The natural habitat of Asian elephants in Indonesia and Malaysia is being severely threatened by palm oil plantations and the global industries that they supply.

Consumer Power

Palm oil is a key ingredient in hundreds of supermarket products, from chocolate to margarine. As the demand for palm oil increases, huge areas of forest are being cleared to make way for plantations, which tear into the heart of natural habitats and force distressed Asian elephants out of their homes and into conflict with humans.

Our actions

Elephant Family was a driving force behind the Clear Labels, Not Forests campaign, which called for the clear labelling of palm oil use in food products, and advocating to stop palm oil from remaining a ‘hidden’ ingredient.

Since food manufacturers were previously under no obligation to list whether palm oil was an ingredient let alone if it was sourced sustainably, the first step was to lobby the European Union for new legislation to force food manufacturers to list palm oil as an ingredient. New European Union legislation now mandates that food manufacturers include palm oil in ingredients labelling.

This clear labelling encourages retailers and food manufacturers to be accountable for their products and suppliers. The response to the campaign was phenomenal. Thousands of wonderful people spoke out against supporting forest destroying palm oil.

Thanks to the coalition members of the Clear Labels, Not Forests campaign: Sumatran Orangutan Society, Orangutan Foundation, Save the Rhino, The Jane Goodall Institute UK, Ape Alliance and The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria.

What you can do

Steer clear of products with palm oil in them and ask your supermarket and favourite brands if they use sustainable palm oil in their products. Always check your food labels.

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