We protect Asia's landscapes and the elephants, tigers and leopards and people who live alongside them in the most densely populated places on earth.

Asia’s last remaining great forests are amongst the most biodiverse in the world, home to orangutans, giant hornbills, tigers and Asiatic elephants.

The region is also home to the world’s most densely human populations which can lead to deforestation and depletion of wildlife.

Our works focuses on both the sharing and sparing of space between people and wildlife. We work with on the ground conservationists, forest officials and governments to enlarge and reconnect protected areas as well as to improve the living conditions for all species, outside of these spaces.

Our projects have the added benefit of providing livelihoods to the rural poor, increasing carbon sinks and reducing air pollution across South Asia.

Sharing Space

“Asia’s elephants are a flagship for coexistence. 80% of their range is outside protected areas, shared with people living at very high densities of over 400 people/km2. They consume large quantities of food and water and compete with people for the same resources. Yet they are tolerated, and there is a continuous negotiation in the shared space. This willingness is the key to a sustainable relationship.”

Dr Tarsh Thekaekara, Elephant Family conservation partner working on human-inclusive models of nature conservation.

Sparing Space

Asia is the most populous region in the world and in this context protected areas are especially important in keeping wildlife safe, ensuring crops are pollinated and water available to all, and minimizing the effects of climate change.

Powering Grassroots Conservation

Our work spans three key areas of conservation

Sparing Space

Reconnecting fragmented habitat to expand protected areas.

Sharing Space

Building long-term strategic partnerships with leading conservationists across South Asia to enable coexistence with wildlife.


Working with governing bodies to implement policy change that ensures protection of Asian wildlife and its habitat.

Support Asia's wildlife

A donation from you will make such a difference to our work creating landscapes that allow humans and wildlife to live in peaceful coexistence.

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