Elephant Parade

Elephant Parade is a social enterprise that combines art, business and conservation. Through its global exhibits of life-size, baby elephant sculptures, the parades raise awareness and funds for conservation. Elephant Family is the official conservation charity partner and benefits from Elephant Parade exhibitions worldwide. 





In 2018, we worked with India’s best artists and fashion houses to create a new Indian herd for Mumbai. Through the creation of 101 beautifully painted elephants, this public art event raised funds for 101 corridors essential to future of wildlife in India.  


In May-June 2010, Elephant Family teamed up with Britain’s leading art and design luminaries to create a stunning public art event which saw over 250 individually painted elephants located across central London, each decorated by a different artist or celebrity.  
These glorious elephants brightened and beautified the city, enhancing every park, street corner and building they graced.  
This memorable event raised the profile of the Asian elephant with an audience of around 25 million people and raised £4.1m through the sale of the painted elephant sculptures.