The CoExistence Campaign

London's biggest environmental art campaign.

The lantana elephants began their global journey in London, championing coexistence. A public environmental exhibition like no other, our CoExistence campaign addressed the growing overlap of the human and animal world whilst demonstrating the inspiring ways we can coexist with all the other living beings that call our planet home.

About the herd

The Lantana elephants are a unique mix of art, heritage, and livelihoods - they're made from the invasive weed Lantana camara, by skilled indigenous artists, showing us that coexistence is indeed possible.

At The Real Elephant Collective (TREC) a 150-strong team of artisans from villages around Nilgiris shape the invasive Lantana camara into these giants with great skill and ingenuity!

Elephants may be giants, but they tread softly. Our inspiring herd reminded us that when we lighten our footprint, wildlife bounces back.⁠⁠ The campaign in London raised awareness and over £3m to ensure humans and wildlife can coexist better around the world.

Our work

We work in partnership with in-country conservation experts to tackle the challenges facing South Asia’s wildlife and the communities that live alongside them. As a leading charity for Asian elephants, we’ve supported over 160 projects.

The success of our London CoExistence campaign led to our Coexistence Fund in 2022. This fund supports conservation work that contributes to human-wildlife coexistence and develops solutions rooted in the ethos and ecological knowledge of local communities.

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