The Little Egg Hunt – A McQueen Double Volume: Food for Thought

By James McQueen

Using book cover designs as a method of communication, James McQueen’s paintings explore themes of Pop art, conceptual art and abstraction. McQueen’s complex application of paint elevates his art beyond the mere imitation of a nostalgic object towards an art that is rich and expressive, choosing to represent these books not as they were when they were first published, but as they are today: stained and faded with tattered edges.  

The titles and sentiments are evocative, playful and sometimes cynical. Working under a pseudonym, he introduces an autobiographical dimension to the work with his trademark monkey, using this mischievous character as a kind of personal insignia.  

Producing experimental, complex and varied paintings, McQueen continues to break new ground in the range of possibilities that can be achieved through the book cover motif and there will undoubtedly be more adaptations to enjoy as his story unfolds.

James McQueen

‘It’s always great to work on something different and working with a charity has always been high on my list. This is a fun project which is great to be a part of. And I love eggs… especially chocolate ones!’

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Throughout Easter next year, 200 of these exquisite creations will take London by storm and be sold at auction in aid of Elephant Family.