The Little Egg Hunt – Rebirth

By Dan Baldwin

British Artist Dan Baldwin, born in Manchester in 1972, has created 24 solo shows since 1998, in Brighton, London, Newcastle, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, and Nantucket. He attended the Kent institute of Art and Design, training in communication media, (92/96) and printmaking where he was awarded commendation in 1995, and prior to that Eastbourne college of Art and Design. Described by Gillian Duke  (CCA Galleries) as ‘Painting like a printmaker’ and his work like ‘Psychological Landscapes’ by BBC arts correspondence and Soho Radios Maeve Doyle. Printmaking has been a huge part of his output and Saatchi gallery hosted a print retrospective in 2016. 

Dan Baldwin

“Colour is the driving force in my Compositions, I’m obsessed with colour, I think about the colour before I know the composition, I think in that sense I do paint like a printmaker, building up my works in layers until the balance is perfect between the elements I’ve selected, usually a play between life and death, nature and man” -
“For the egg I was torn between monochrome, then gold leaf, then candy land, but after some sketches wanted to focus on a 4 colour approach, baby pink, white, black and candy blue.”

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Throughout Easter next year, 200 of these exquisite creations will take London by storm and be sold at auction in aid of Elephant Family.