101 Corridors

101 Corridors in India

The Asian Elephant Alliance calls for Corporate India and the government to commit a £20m investment in elephant corridors by 2025.

Elephants travel large distances covering a range of landscapes. These journeys allow them to meet their basic needs for food and water in order to survive in varied environments. Increasingly, elephants must traverse lands that are heavily populated by highways, railways, mines and farms. Protecting ‘elephant corridors’ is essential for the conservation of Asian elephants, forests and other species.

Answering the call by our field partner, the Wildlife Trust of India, Elephant Family convened with three other major charities to establish the Asian Elephant Alliance. Together we aim to leverage funding and obtain commitment from India’s most powerful players to protect and secure 101 corridors across the country. In the presence of Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall in London, a declaration to mobilise £20 million by 2025 was signed by Elephant Family, Wildlife Trust of India, International Fund for Animal Welfare {IFAW), IUCN Netherlands and World Land Trust.

Working closely with the national government’s Project Elephant, with State Forest Departments and local stakeholders, consultations are underway to establish which of four different models to apply as appropriate:

  1. Public Initiatives to protect land before it comes under threat
  2. Government Acquisition to assist governments in acquiring vulnerable areas
  3. Private Purchase to secure land and mediate land planning until it can be legally signed to the Forest Department
  4. Community Securement to support community organizations with whom setting aside land can ensure protection for the good of the community and peaceful passage for elephants

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