Securing A Vital Elephant Corridor in Kerala

Why is this project so important?

The Brahmagiri – Nilgiris – Eastern Ghats region supports almost 6,000 elephants, or approximately 13% of the global population of Asian elephants. This project forms part of that region. The landscape is also home to diverse range of flora and fauna, many of them being endemic to this region. However, the landscape is also dominated by a large human population which through the expansion of settlements, agriculture and indiscriminate economic growth has resulted in degradation and fragmentation of the habitat.

Project partner:  Wildlife Trust of India

Duration:  2011 - present

Project goals

Determining the long-term impact on people, elephants and other wildlife after families voluntarily relocated from an elephant corridor to a place of safety in 2011.

What we do

Elephant Family funded a 2,200 acre corridor in Wayanad, Kerala, providing a protected path for 1,400 elephants, the world’s largest single population of Asian elephants. In 2015, the corridor received legal protection, meaning that the right of way for elephants has been secured in perpetuity. However we continually monitor and evaluate the Wayanad corridor project to ensure that we are exercising the best practices possible as we move forward and develop new corridors in the future. The corridor has been “secured” for wildlife by voluntarily rehabilitating 37 families from four settlements (Thirunakulu, Valiya emmadi, Kottapadi and Pulayankolly) and by purchasing 25.3 acres of land. The land has been handed over to Kerala Forest Department to ensure its long-term conservation.

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