Elephant Family works through the British Asian Trust uniting Elephant Family supporters with the South Asian diaspora to support the conservation of wildlife and their habitats.​

Joint Royal Presidents

HRH The former Prince of Wales and The former Duchess of Cornwall


Lord Jitesh Gadhia (Chair), Asif Rangoonwala (Vice-chair), Shalni Arora (Vice-chair), Farzana Baduel, Varun Chandra, Ganesh Ramani, Shenila Rawal

Advisory Councils

The British Asian Trust and Elephant Family are also supported by our Advisory Councils.

CoExistence Fund

The CoExistence Fund was set up to support conservation initiatives in India. It has been made possible through the CoExistence campaign and provides an exciting opportunity for us to grow our conservation work and develop new partnerships. ​

A conservation Advisory Group consisting of expert conservationists and specialists in their fields has been convened by the British Asian Trust to provide guidance and advice on how the Fund supports conservation work in the Eastern Himalayas and the Western Ghats. These two areas are recognisedbiodiversity hotspots with several challenges as well as opportunities in relation to human-wildlife coexistence, which is key to the Trust’s Conservation programme. Read more about the Advisory Group members.

USA Trustees

Dr Alex Zimmerman, Feh Tarty, Ruth Ganesh, Adam Haggiag, Erika Mansourian