Elephant Family project partner features in latest David Attenborough film

We are thrilled to share that our human-wildlife coexistence work has featured in David Attenborough's latest film 'The Year Earth Changed'.

To our great delight, we discovered this week that one of our project partners features prominently in Sir David Attenborough’s latest film ‘The Year Earth Changed’. The film explores the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on wildlife and showcases the potential for human-wildlife coexistence to be achieved if humanity simply lightens its footprint on the natural world.

We are proud to share that our partner in Assam whose work to encourage coexistence between farmers and elephants is the case study with which the film concludes. Featuring our wonderful partner Dulu Bora, the segment explains how his team are planting rice fields at the edges of the jungle so that elephants can enjoy their favourite food without needing to raid the crops of nearby farmers. This project perfectly showcases how coexistence between farmers and elephants can be achieved, protecting the lives and livelihoods of all involved.

Our very own CoExistence herd ‘The Crop Raiders‘ aims to raise awareness of Dulu’s vital work and will be on display in the Royal Parks from 14th June – make sure to come down and meet the elephants! In the meantime, be sure to watch ‘The Year Earth Changed’.

As we get closer to the CoExistence herd stampeding onto the scene in London’s Royal Parks this summer, we are so excited to see such a prominent film feature our mission to achieve peaceful coexistence between people and wildlife – thank you Sir David!


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