CoExistence Campaign

London's biggest environmental art campaign of 2021 raised over £3m for human-wildlife coexistence projects

For six weeks in June and July 2021, over 125 life-size lantana elephants transformed London’s Royal Parks to give the city an insight into the Nilgiri Hills of Southern India, where their real-life counterparts roam a matrix of forests, farmland and towns.

Our CoExistence campaign was a response to the increasing overlap between the human and animal world. In a public environmental exhibition unlike any other, the elephants told the story of our crowded planet, the effect of human encroachment on wild spaces and the inspiring ways we can coexist with all the other living beings that make our world magical.

Elephants may be giants, but they tread softly. Our inspiring herd reminded us that when we lighten our footprint, wildlife bounces back.⁠⁠ The campaign raised awareness and over £3m to ensure humans and wildlife can coexist better around the world. ⁠

Meet the herds

Presented by Xerjoff

CoExistence was a multisensory exhibition enhanced by the perfumes of our headline sponsor, Italian perfume brand Xerjoff. Xerjoff have provided three perfumes: Accento Overdose, Starlight and Alexandria II to enhance the CoExistence exhibition and bring the herds to life by evoking scents of their jungle habitat through their naturally sourced ingredients from India.

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